Canadian Freebies: Thinsations Samples + Coupon


Thinsations is offering 2 free sample packs plus a BOGO free coupon on Facebook, and you don't even have to Like them... but you might want to after this offer. Thinsations are only 100 calories a pack, so you can have your tasty snack guilt free!

I have tried Thinsations before, and some of them are quite nice. I like the cookie like ones best, like Oreos. Have you tried Thinsations before? Which ones do you like?

It says it will take 10 - 14 days for shipping. Can't wait. Will make great snacks at uni!


  • Jessica
    The chocolate covered pretzels are delectable! I have about two boxes in my pantry right now!
  • Maya
    I love the Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and chocolate covered pretzels! I also tried their peanut butter cookies, but they weren't as delicious.
  • Avigayil
    I got 2 packs of Bits & Bites! I didn't even know they made Bits&Bits for Thinsations! Yum yum.. I know what is going in my lunch kit!
  • joy
    I also got the Bits & Bites and a BOGO free coupon which I promptly redeemed today (before I forget or lose it). The store only had 3 varieties. Even if I don't like them I can give them to the kids!
  • Tammy b.
    i got 2 packs of bits and bites they were awsome i didnt even know they made bitand bites and i got my coupon buy 1 get one free thank you thinsation

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