Canadian Freebies: Tena Pads

I last posted about Tena free samples back in September 2008, but that freebie is long since finished. There's a new link available if you'd like to order a free sample of Tena incontinence pads.

I know that this isn't exactly a very glamorous topic, and not something I was very concerned about until a year ago... until I had the baby! Man, that process changes your body! I can try summing it up:

  • Sneeze. Squirt.
  • Cough. Squirt.
  • Laugh. Squirt.
  • Trampolining. Squirt.

And what's that phrase... bladder like a camel? (Thanks xikita)

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  • anna
    Thanks very much for this notice! I have a loved one who's been struggling with this and this is a lovely note to have. =]

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