Canadian Freebies: Send a Friend a Free Box of Tissues


So this is a freebie you give to someone else. Kleenex is offering a whole bunch off packs of 10 Kleenex Everyday Tissues that you can send to someone! They have this really cool ability that you can track the 'chain' you start. Note: you can only send ONE Share Package to ONE recipient.

I sent one to my mother because it is always nice to have a pack of Kleenex in your purse especially since cold season is coming up. Who are you going to send this to?

This offer is valid till March 31, 2011 or while supplies last. I doubt it will last till March 31st!


  • Scott
    I tried this three times, It did not recognize my Canadian "zip" code.
    • Avigayil
      Put a space in your postal code like this: XYX YXY
  • lisa
    I tried 3 types ever with different postal codes and it does not recognize them. Putting space in the postal code does not work either.
  • Anna
    Worked for me just now, with a space in the postal code.
  • Michelle
    The sender zip code was not found in the database. - same issue
  • Kristina
    I have tried this several times with a space and three different address and it still says: "The sender zip code was not found in the database."
  • Steven
    Just worked for me...I did notice a "glitch" selecting Canada as the country..had to change it to United States first, and then re-select Canada.
  • lisa
    I contacted Kimberly-Clark Corporation about "The sender zip code was not found in the database.” issue and they said that they will try to correct this issue by Monday. Call them at their 1-800 number, which you find under contact us. I gave them the postal codes I was having problems with.
  • Gail
    yup same thing for me..i will try again monday..very frustrating..

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