Canadian Freebies: People Magazine!


On the website, you can order 4 free issues of People magazine!

You can see the Canadian provinces in the drop down list.

It also says you get a free tote bag… that would be nice!

Technically, you are signing up to a subscription, but the first 4 issues are totally free. If you want to stop the service, you can just cancel it at no cost. Alternatively, you can continue on with the service, just paying for the mags.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Canadian prices.

Let me know if you try this one out!


  • Meghan
    I did this before when offered through a previous freebie site (not nearly as cool as Bargain Moose, however!) and it worked. They sent me a few bills, I just kept writing "refused/cancelled" and put them back in my mailbox. Eventrually they quit sending the bills...not sure if I got four mags out of them, but definately got a few. Well worth it if your chea...I mean cost conscious such as myself. Best of luck and Cheers! Meghan
    • Anna
      Oh great! Thanks for the personal experience Meghan!

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