Canadian Freebies: Pataks Indian Collection & Coupon


Quick freebie for you guys! If you are a fan of the Patak's food range, you can register on their website for a free recipe brochure called "The Indian Collection - Diwali Special Edition."

Along with the recipe book, Patak's will also send you a free $1 discount coupon. I know $1 isn't much, but if you regularly buy Patak's, then it is a dollar in your pocket which would not have been there otherwise!

I am a huge fan of Indian food, though I do not enjoy cooking it - I just enjoy eating it! I am not great with very spicy dishes though, Kormas are my favorite.


  • K
    I've ordered this twice in the past and never received it.
  • sarah
    Great freebie, love Indian food!

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