Canadian Freebies: Pampers Diapers!


Quick freebie post now, to let you guys know about the free sample of Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max diapers, that you can order from Pampers.

It’s a pretty good freebie, not sure how long it will last so order as soon as you can.

I don’t know what diapers I’ll be using for my baby, so it’s great to get these freebies to try out.


  • joy
    Anna- Better start saving your $ now for diapers! That is one expense I don't miss! If you have a chance to drive to the States try Luvs. Great price and great product. If not here in Canada Pampers were my choice. Not to mention my girls were allergic to all other brands but Pampers and Luvs!
  • jenny
    I don't think this works. It keeps telling me my postal code is incorrect. I know my postal code and it is correct. Does anyone have the same problem?
  • mona
    i tried the postal code with then without the space then with again, eventually it worked. just watch out for the diaper size they ask info on, that kept going back to default smallest size
  • Pat
    I had the same problem Jenny. Wonder what's up.
  • blondie
    i had the same problem but it did work after 3 trys and entering the postal code with a space
  • Catia
    Hey Anna, as joy mentioned, the price of diapers is VERY high, so- since you like saving some bucks- why not try CLOTH diapers?! The cloth diapers of today are pretty similar to disposables in ease of use and they're SUPER cute, too- and this, of course, is VERY important when you are having a girl! My baby girl (well, my 12 month old! Wahh!) has been in cloth diapers since she was a week old and we LOOOOOOVE THEM. We use bumGenius 3.0 pocket (stuffable) diapers. They work great! If you- or anyone else- has any questions regarding cloth, I'll try to answer as best as I can! =) ~ Cat
  • Jenny
    Hey Pat I tried the postal code with caps and a space and it worked.

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