Canadian Freebies: OhShot Free T-Shirt


OhShot is a free photo storage service. In honour of their 1 year anniversary they are giving away over 2500 free t-shirts! I have no clue what the t-shirts look like, but hey.. they're free! They also offer an excellent variety of sizes from Small to XXL.

I really like what they did with the header on their website (see pic above) so I have high hopes that it will be a really nice graphic on the t-shirt!

And, if you ever need any photo storage services, give them a try!


  • Sandy
    seems you have to download there "hotbar" if you want to go to the website
    • Avigayil
      I didn't get any pop-ups when I filled out this freebie, however I am on a Mac so sometimes I don't get the same stuff PC-ers do (such as if the hotbar is not compatible with Safari I guess I wouldn't see it!) Has anyone else had the hotbar problem?
  • Sharon
    No you don't have to download anything, just click on cancel and you're there. No pop-ups for me either. Just a straight forward form that's easy to fill out. When I went back onto the site and clicked on the T-shirt, I chuckled at their statement. They've said it all and good for them. Thanks BargainMoose and especially Avigayil.
  • Linda
    Hi guys, Did a quick google search and it seems this probably not a true offer:
  • amanda
    I still haven't received my shirt!!
  • Shannon M.
    I have not received my shirt. Obviously, I won't be getting one.

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