Canadian Freebies: NHL Hockey Cards


As it is National Hockey Day on the 30th of January 2010, Upperdeck is offering hockey fans a free pack of NHL trading cards!

The freebie consists of 5 random NHL trading cards.

From the list of participating stores, it seems to be lots of small hobby retailers, and a few sports stores. The full store listing is there so you can find a location close to you.

If you know someone who collects these cards or is a big hockey fan, you could probably recommend this Canadian freebie to them.


  • Sandy
    when you click on any of the links it says they are not active?
  • Pauline
    ditto here ......would love the list of participating stores!
  • Anna
    Try them now - problem with my links - I will get them sorted :)
  • Darlene J.
    Right now at 9:37a.m. you still get the same posting on that page. Sorry! This link is not active. Please go back to the previous page. Maybe just too many tried in the 3 hours since your newsletter came out 3 hours ago. Thanks.
    • joy
      Worked just fine for me.

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