Canadian Freebies: Nestle Coffee Coupon for 6 Single Serve Sticks

16 August 2010


Need your morning cup of java on the go? Nestle understands your need for a morning or mid-day jolt and is offering a coupon for a free box of 6 Taster’s Choice single serve sticks (6 x 2.3 g). They are available in classic or decaf.

All you have to do is fill out their form.

It says it will take about 3 - 5 weeks for shipping of coupon.

I don't drink coffee, hate the taste... but both my parents love it, so for 18 years I woke up to the smell of a fresh pot every morning. That might explain my dislike. Hmmm...

But I am sure we have a lot of Mooser coffee drinkers, am I right?

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  • Anna
    I used to hate it too, but it's growing on me!
  • Donnah
    Who can't use free coffee?? REally neat product for those on the go or who hate th work "coffee"
  • Annie
    Got my coupon today in mail. I don't like coffee but i can always give it to someone who does!

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