Canadian Freebies: Kashi Cereal


It's back! Kashi has offered free samples a few times in the past, and Jennifer has just emailed me to say that it is active again!

When you go to the website, a little graphic should load in the middle of the page, just click the "get free cereal" link when it loads.

You can choose from Toasted Berry Crisp or Honey Almond Flax flavor… or you can take a huge gamble and let them send you the flavor of their choice!!

I think the berry one sounds nice!


  • joy
    I got the granola bars with their last offer. It was nice because they sent a coupon for a whole box. If you read the small print for this offer they are sending a single serving box. Oh well, free is free!
  • Anna
    Got this one! Yay :)
  • Grace A.
    Your sample of almond flax flavoured cereal has been received and it is delicious. Tthank you very much.
    • Anna
      Didn't come from us Grace, but I'm glad you got it!
  • becci
    Well I got my free breakfast! Scrumptious toasted berry crisp cereal and a $2 coupon. :) Thanks for the heads up on this one!

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