Canadian Freebies: Hugo Man Sample


No, it's not a "man sample" from a bloke named Hugo. It's a male fragrance from Hugo Boss, and you can order your freebie here:

You will get a free sample of HUGO ManExclusive Limited Edition by Karim Rashid. I have no idea what this fragrance smells like, I've never sniffed it.

You know, I sometimes think that the men's fragrances are nicer than the ladies. Some men's smells are quite delicate and I think could be worn by either gender.


  • misskitty_79
    Arg! I keep getting an entirely impossible error message telling me that the "city does not match country", this despite the fact that I am absolutely positive that Canada has a Toronto. :/
  • Amber
    I tryed to get this freebie and it doesn't recognize my city/town keeps saying that it doesn't exist, lol pretty sure it does cuz i'm living in it lol but just wondering if anyone else is having this issue??
  • Justin
    Type "TOR" for Toronto since Canada Post uses postal code anyways. Postal Code format: AnA nAn (don't forget the space)
    • Anna
      Thanks for helping Justin :)
    • misskitty_79
      Goodness! You can't be serious?! Why on earth would they have done that & how in the heck did you figure that out Justin? Any way, thanks for helping us out! Oh & just a heads up: I actually had to *remove* the space from my postal code before the form would accept it.
  • Michelle
    Ok i to am getting the city error i know Warkworth does exsist however is not being regonized any suggestions?
  • Avigayil
    Got the sample.. horribly small as per usual with perfume samples. I really wish they would send out small vials instead of some patch of cotton soaked in perfume.

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