Canadian Freebies: Herbamare Sample


Request your own free Herbamare sample from A. Vogel! Herbamare is a blend of sea salt and 14 organic herbs that can replace regular salt on foods.

The herbs are infused into the sea salt, so unlike other seasoning salts it is not a blend of dry herbs - the flavor is inside the sea salt crystals. What a nifty idea. My hubby can't have salt, but I LOVE salt.. even when it isn't good for me. I even like salt inside chocolate! I just experienced this wonderful chocolate from Chocophilia and was in love: salt in a dark milk chocolate!

Thank you Mooser Mylene for this freebie!


  • K
    Herbamare is awesome ... especially on French fries (which sort of defeats the purpose of healthier seasonings I guess!)
  • Leah
    well if you like salt and chocolate, you must try popcorn and chocolate M&M's.. OMGolly it's so yummy together! I'm a chocolate and a salty lover too :-) Love your posts keep up the hard work!

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