Canadian Freebies: Free Trojan Condoms!

We’re all adults here, right? Who wants to try out a free sample of the new Naked Sensations condoms from Trojan?

When you land on the Naked Sensations website, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Enter your date of birth & province
  2. Choose an escort (I picked a hunky man)
  3. Click on the “try it on” link
  4. Enter your data

You can choose from either the “ultra ribbed” or the “magnum.” Which one are you going for?? You should receive it within 6 to 8 weeks.

If you really want a laugh, try out the “create a sensation.” Upload a pic of yourself and they can put it onto a sexy laydee or a sexy guy’s body.

Thanks Lisa_H.


  • Heather
    OMgosh. I am waaaay too straight-edged to handle that site. I started blushing immediately. Oh well, free condom. :P Thanks for sharing. Sincerely, The Nice Heather ;)
  • Anna
    Heather, you make me laugh every time you refer to yourself as "the nice Heather" :)
  • Anthony
    does the offer not exist anymore ? :(
    • Anna
      Yes, seems to be expired. Many thanks for letting me know :)

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