Canadian Freebies: Free Splenda Coffee Flavours from Living Well

7 March 2011


15,000 trial offers of Splenda Flavours for Coffee will be available through Living Well on Tuesday March 8, 2011. Supplies are limited, so be quick quick if you want some!

If you see that this deal has gone live, please be a dear and comment letting us know! We do know it goes live sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) but when is always a mystery! I just love posting these as Moosers seem to quite enjoy the free samples!

Btw: The banner above is from the last time they had this promotion, I stuck it back up so you could see and read a little about the freebie.

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  • feoilseantoir
    Already finished :(
    • Anna Waters EDITOR
      No, it hasn't started yet.
  • Paula
    None left already at 6:00 a.m.? That's ridiculous!
  • Rosita
    Just an update on the status: it still hasn't started as of 12:44 PM EST.
  • Joy
    It's live!
  • Amber
    It's up!!!
  • Gayle
    The samples are being giving away right now!!!
  • Mandy
    14359 left! :)
  • joy
    Still over 12,000 left. I got a confirmation page today, never got one last week with the Tylenol giveaway.
  • cindy
    Just got mine.10014 left.
  • Jenny
    March 9 12pm CST, still has 5901 left!

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