Canadian Freebies: Free Dr. Oetker 50 Cal. Mousse Coupon


Another Facebook coupon for a free food item! If you 'Like' Dr. Oetker Canada on Facebook you will get redirected to to get a coupon for a free box of 50 Calorie Mousse. I just ordered mine and stuck a couple other coupons in the cart while I was at it.

I like coupons for free food products: on Tuesday I used my coupon for a free loaf of Sliver Hill's bread, it was worth $5.19!

It looks like you can choose between chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla mousse, what a yummy treat! Has anyone had these before?


  • Larry P.
    I tried to get this freebie, followed your instructions, "liked" it on Facebook, but then it said "Oops, you don't have access to that page." What did I do wrong? Thanks for any help/info.
    • Anna
      When I clicked "like," the image updated with a button saying "click here for your free sample coupon." Have you tried refreshing and trying again?
  • Larry P.
    Took your advice and tried again worked! Thanks for the help.
  • heather
    Dr Oetker coupon is not available. They make you log onto facebook click on "like" to get the coupon, then they tell you "We are looking into the coupon accessibility. We'll get back to you soon with an update! ' nice try !

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