Canadian Freebies: Free Always Infinity Pads

I’m posting this freebie well in advance, as there seems to be a countdown on the Always webstire for it!!

OK, so you’ve got to wait 623 hours from the time I write this blog post, but I will bump it closer to the time to make sure you know about the deal. The launch date will be on the 1st of August 2009. They’ll be giving out free samples of their new Always infinty pads.


  • Lisa H.
    So, I'm sorry I just have to say this. Does that mean I'll never have to change by pad. Lol... sorry guys... I mean it is the infinity pad.
  • Anna
    Now THAT would be an invention to kill the feminine hygiene industry!
  • AJ
    Thanks for that! I love trying samples and getting free stuff, so that link was awesome!
  • abby
    When I tried to order today, it didn't work for some reason... It doesn't show up as an option when you choose what samples you want
  • Anna
    I seems to redirect you through to the brandsampler page now.

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