Canadian Freebies: Free Air Optix Aqua Monthly Lenses (EXPIRED)

If you'd like to try out Air Optix Aqua contact lenses for a month, fill in your details on this page:

When you've done that, you'll be emailed a link from which you can print out your trial certificate. The page will also show you a list of your local eye care practitioners which will accept the certificate, and it seems to cover many small local opticians through to the larger providers.


One-month trial offer refers to a recommended replacement schedule of up to four weeks as determined by the eye care professional. * Eye exam may be required. Professional fitting fees may apply. Offer valid at participating offices while supplies last. Offer valid for only one sample of AIR OPTIX® AQUA, AIR OPTIX® Night & Day® AQUA, AIR OPTIX® AQUA for ASTIGMATISM or AIR OPTIX® AQUA MULTIFOCAL.

I use monthly disposable contact lenses too. Working from home though, I find myself more prone to wearing my glasses. I usually only pop my lenses in if I am going to be out driving in the sun and I need to put on sunnies as well. Financially, it probably makes more sense for me to change over to daily disposables, but I've just never got round to doing it.

I also heard an interesting debate on the radio the other day about women wearing glasses and being thought of as less attractive because of it. What do you think? Glasses - sexy or no?

(Thanks maikel_nai)


  • Sue R.
    I would like to try a free trial pair. My prescription is +1.75. Thank you.
  • Dana S.
    I would like to try a free trial pair
  • Daphne
    i would like a trail pair to see if i like them if i do i would like to pursace them
  • Mirella F.
    I forgot to mention my prescription in the first free trial order. Left : +1.25 Right eye: + 2.00 BC 8.6 Bc 8.6 Diam. 14.0 Diam. 14.0
    • Anna W.
      Mirella, please contact the company itself about that :)
  • Daniel M.
    I would like to try a one month free trial offer of Air Optix contact lenses Thank you DJM MAY 15/2013
  • Rena C.
    I would very much like to try a" one month free trial offer of Air Optix contact lenses " as advertised. Thank You
  • leeann c.
    l would like the one month free night and day contact lenses. My prescription strenght is +4.75.. Thanking you in advance...........................................LeeAnn ***
  • Lori n.
    i would like the green ones to try lori **** box ******* Canada please
  • Anna W.
    Everybody, please click through to the store from the blog post above and don't leave your personal details here on a public blog. Thanks.

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