Canadian Freebies: Carabiner @ Altco


Altco, a Canadian based aluminium company, is offering free aluminium carabiners!

If you don't know what a carabiner is, it's one of those little spidadulators that you use in climbing -  you'll recognise it from the picture above. They are very handy as a keyring for storing different sets of keys, as it can easily clip on and off.

As I mentioned, this is a Canadian company actually based in Port Moody BC, so I hope this is a good freebie and it will arrive without problems!


  • cc
  • KH
    Strange...Why I couldn't find the place to fill-in the informations? only thing I could see is some sort of form for Dollar 4 Gold...(Very confuse...)
    • Anna
      The page has changed, the freebie seems to be expired now.
      • KH
        I see, Thank you!!

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