Canadian Freebies: Brandsampler New Samples


Wanted to drop you a quick note to go to to pick up your free samples! Today, September 8, they just released a new batch!

Thank you to Moosers Laura, Stephanie and Emma for sending us this important info!

To get the most choices for samples, I have found it best when they ask you what brands you use to answer 'none' or 'other' so that they will give you samples for whatever is available.

Let us know what you pick up!


  • kimmy
    I filled it in using my dad`s address and stats, and it offered me no stuff! I think it is also better to fill it in with younger female, you get more offers.
  • Sandy
    Thanks CF for letting me know that the new sample requests are out. I have been getting these for a couple years now and they are always great products

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