Canadian Freebie: Vplenish Daily Vitamin Boost

Is it just me, or are multi-vitamins always huge, enormous pills? I've tried many different brands, and let me tell you, I have yet to find one that is small and easy to swallow! Vplenish has a solution for me (and you!) -- a taste-free daily vitamin boost that dissolves in any hot or cold liquid or food.

Hallelujah! My problem has been solved, but before I go out and buy Vplenish, I definitely want to try out this free sample to see if I like it. From looking at their website, there are a lot of great selling points to this product. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Can be added to any hot or cold drink or food, and is completely tasteless
  • Contains many essential minerals and vitamins, including Vitamins¬†C, B6, B12, and D, ¬†antioxidants, electrolytes and zinc.
  • There are no calories, gluten or caffeine added

Are you sold on this product yet? I can't wait to try it, and I am also going to order a sample for my niece. Although she is a teenager, she still can't swallow pills and insists on crushing them up and mixing them with apple sauce. Now, if only Tylenol and Advil came in a powder form... *lightbulb*!

Expiry: While supplies last.

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