Canadian Freebie: Depend Samples

11 August 2013

Here's a quick post to let you know about this Canadian freebie from Depend - the makers of incontinence sanitary products. They are offering either a free sample of Depend Silhouette for Women or Depend Real Fit for Men - just click the link below, fill out the form and wait on your freebies.

If you order the women's kit, you will get this:

2 Depend Silhouette for Women Briefs

And ordering the men's kit get you this:

2 Depend Real Fit for Men Briefs

Both come with a brochure, a coupon and shopper guide. Perhaps you already buy these items, so a coupon for a future discount could come in handy too. Your free samples come in a discreet package, so you don't need to worry about the mailman seeing that you're receiving a bundle from Depend!

To be honest, I would order these and just use them like regular sanitary towels.

(Expiry unknown - thanks to Hafiz)

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