Canadian Free Stuff: 2 Week Free Trial Of Activia Yogurt!

Quite a decent freebie here! If you’d like to sign up for 2 weeks of free samples of Danone Activia yogurt, just go to the site below, and fill in your details.

  • Where: Online @
  • What: Free 2 week trial

So Activia is one of these “probiotics” yogurt fandangles. I don’t know if they really do much for you or not. On the Activia website, they say that it has “beneficial effects on colonic digestion.” Well, I really don’t know if this is true. I’ve tried various probiotic substances and they don’t make me feel any different.

There’s quite an interesting blog post on about his comments on the Activia commercials. There were a few comments about the laxative properties of the Danon Yogurt!

Have you used this product? Did it help your colonic digestion!?

Thanks pannamoo!


  • AmyC
    Thanks for this. Didn't tell them all my problems... but I hope to get the coupon!
  • 1234
    Good deal
  • Anna
    Good luck guys!
  • Wacko
    It says that if you go back and do the 2nd survey, you'll get another 2 weeks free, on top of the first two. Thatcould be 4 weeks in total! Great freebie!
  • Anna
    Never noticed that! Thanks Wacko!
  • carmine
    If anyone has noticed and strange side effects of this yougurt then stop eating it.They use carmine coloring in the product which is an insect based dye.It has some severe allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock.I started to get sick and finally figured out it was the carmine in the product.My mother also had problems including rashes,blurry vision and she'd vomit everytime she comsumed the yogurt.Carmine is listed as natural color in the ingredient list-I guess insect based would hurt sales! Before you consume this product google-carmine coloring and see how good you think it really is.

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