Canadian Free Samples: Smokers Look Here!

Well, it’s quite near the start of the new year. Some of you may have had New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking… how’d that go for ya? We’re one month in… are you still on the bandwagon? Or is it off the bandwagon? Or am I mixing metaphors here?

If you’d like a few free samples of Nicorette gum, are running a promo on it. It might help you kick the habit?

Get your free trial offer of Nicorette Coated Gum from Living Well here.

I’ll tell you guys the truth – I have never smoked in my life. Nothing. Never. And I’m proud of that fact. No smoking behind the bikesheds… no puffing in the playpark…. Nope, not me! The topic brings to mind some of the sketches from Bill Hicks (RIP). He smoked and he loved it, and was pretty vociferous about that fact. Check this one out on youtube… loved his rant about non-smokers (possible bad language there).

My boyfriend was a smoker when I met him – I soon knocked that habit out of him! Ha!

Thanks Pink Sherbet Photography!


  • I_Love_Lamp
    Thanks for this
  • Izz
    I've got to try something like this to give up smoking. It is a terrible habit... and costs so much money.

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