Canadian Freebies: 3D Glasses from Canada Post

8 September 2010


We got a message from Mooser Frank telling us about this upcoming event!

Here is what Frank had to say:

CBC will be airing Queen Elizabeth in 3D September 20. Canada Post will be distributing free 3D glasses beginning today, with a limit of 4 pairs per customer.

That sounds really cool, seeing 3D on regular TV!

Quantities are going to be limited for the free glasses so get yours early!

Thanks Frank!

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  • Princess P.
    I love the royal family...!
  • oreo
    i went to my local post office, n got it. they give me 4, as it is the limit. its made out of hard paper. so if u expect it to be fancy glasses, ur wrong. lol still pretty kool,

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