50 Free Prints @ Kodakgallery.ca


This is a good offer from Kodakgallery.ca - if you sign up, you will receive 50 free digital prints!

You can see the mention of the 50 free prints in the banner at the top of the page.

You also don't have to pay shipping fees - because you can order your prints online then collect them at your local Futureshop or Best Buy Canada!

If you already have a Kodakgallery account, then perhaps your partner could set up an account, or a family member, in order to take advantage of the free prints.


  • Avigayil
    I have no idea why.. but I signed up and it will only let me do 20 free.. "you already have credit for 20 FREE 4 x 6 prints when you join"
  • Gary
    Getting same thing as Avigayil. There is no "50 free prints in the banner at the top of the page".
  • Anna
    Odd, I wonder if it has something to do with where you are accessing from. I still see the 50 free prints in the banner. Anyone have any luck with this?
  • joy
    The banner does show 50 free pics. I had an account to use to share pics with family (I've never ordered any from them before) so it would give me the free pics since my account was already set up. All I did was used a different email address (one of my "junkmail" accounts ) and it gave me the free pics. They are shown at the left side of the page. As a side point Costco has pics for 10 cents each until Sunday. I LOVE their pics!
  • Avigayil
    Perhaps it is province based? I don't get the banner and it won't allow by brand new account to get more than 20 free, and I am from Alberta. I am thinking maybe this is geographical.
  • joy
    I'm in the GTA

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