Well.ca: Weekly Specials - 20% Off Jamieson Vitamins

12 September 2011

This week get 20% off all Jamieson Vitamins from Well.ca. This is an awesome offer and includes free shipping no matter how many or how few you get.

If you are a new customer to Well.ca you can use coupon code MBFAROCKS to get $10 off $40, thanks to Mooser Melissa.

Jamieson is one of the foremost brands for vitamins and fall is a good time to stock up on all the essentials like these Jamieson Chewable Vitamin D (were $6.89 | now $5.51) and Jamieson Vitamin C (was $12.99 | now $10.39) just in time for winter. If you are like me you might need a few extras. For women Calcium like Jamieson Calcium Cal-Chews (were $8.49 | now $6.79) might be a good idea.

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