Walmart: Sign-up for 50 Free Prints


Thanks to Mooser Alicia for this wonderful deal! Right now Walmart (as a Bing Promo) is offering 50 free 4 x 6 prints for signing up to the Walmart Photo Centre.

I tested this out: I signed-up, selected my 50 photos, checked out, and got them delivered free of charge to my local Walmart. Within a few hours I got an email saying the photos were ready to be picked up. Talk about fast service!

The only thing I don't like is the way they want you to individually crop every single photo. I didn't so I am hoping my photos turned out alright!

Has anyone used Walmart Photo Centre Online before? What do you think of the photo quality?


  • Chris M.
    Just tried, it works. No promo code necessary; the new account automatically generates 50 free prints.
  • Caitlyn
    I might just have to make another account !! I don't mind their prints and find them to be good quality :)
  • Walmart C.
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    • Anna
      Previous conversation on that topic is here:
  • Jen
    I have a line of handmade greeting cards, using my own digital photos, and I have tried out Walmart before. The cheaper price drew me in, but I couldn't use any of them for my cards, the quality and the detail just wasn't there. Let me just say, it's a good deal obviously, but if you really want a better quality print, use London Drugs. They are more expensive, but there is no comparison when you print the same photo at both stores. Walmart blows out the whites, and the detail is lost. London Drugs hand checked each photo, and Walmart puts them through a conveyer belt system. If you are just whipping off some snaps to send out to friends, Walmart is great. But when you want a keepsake photo, or a good quality photo, use someone else. It really is worth the extra money you will pay. Jen
  • anna
    I signed up on the Walmart site on June 26th, and saw this promotion. However, I couldn't use this offer last night and emailed customer support. They told me the "offer had expired". Excuse me, how can you do that when it was valid when I signed up for it? It sure feels like a waste of my time.
    • Anna
      I still see the 50 free prints on the website today - something isn't right there Anna.
      • anna
        That's exactly what I told Walmart customer service but they said it expired on June 23, here's their response: We are sorry and understand your frustration, however the promotion for 50 free prints upon signing up for a new account ran from May 29 2010 until June 23 2010.
        • Judy
          It's a real racket. They just want to get you signed up
  • Samira
    nope... seems no longer available but the website still says so! boooo on walmart!

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