Robeez Shoes: Free Shipping Now!


Right now, is offering free shipping to Canadian addresses. Normally you have to pay extra for shipping, so this is a real bonus!

As I don't yet have kids, I've never used this brand! But some friends and family members think that Robeez footwear for babies is absolutely excellent and well worth the money! Have you used this brand? What do you think?

Now, Robeez ship from the US, but I've had a look on their information pages, and this is what they say:

There are no customs or duty charges applied to orders shipped to Canada or the United States.

(Deal ends 9th December 2009)


  • Liz
    I have a 2yr old daughter, and was given a few pairs of robeez as gifts. they are wonderful! such soft leather and VERY durable. also, i was given a pair of robeez "sandles". they look like regular robeez, but have cutouts on the sides, to let the baby's feet breath in the summer. they were perfect!
  • Catia
    They ARE great! Especially for chubby feet- and the elastic keeps them from falling off!
  • Tracy
    I have a 2 year old & a 1 year old & both my kids have worn Robeez shoes (soft soles & Tredz). They are VERY durable & the soft sole styles stay on their feet. I found the Tredz excellent as first shoes when they started walking.

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