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25 October 2011

Ringleynaturalteethingtoys.com, or Ringley.ca, is an online Canadian (Torontonian) boutique that sells a range of natural teething toys - this post is for the mommies and daddies! They've offered the Bargainmoosers a little discount coupon code, which will give you free shipping on any order!

Click here to shop online @ Ringleynaturalteethingtoys.com

  • Coupon Code: moose
  • Discount: Free shipping
  • Expires: 31st October

Shipping is $5 regular rate, so this will discount that amount off your order. Nice!

Here's a quick blurb about the company:

RiNGLEY is the original Canadian natural teether that combines two effective teething tools: untreated Maple wood and 100% organic cotton terrycloth.

In my opinion, they're really cute teethers, much better than the basic plastic ones that I used with my baby girl. However, the Ringley teethers are obviously a bit higher priced than those plastic teethers - because you're paying extra for this type of natural product. Prices start at $16 for the basic models, and then on upwards in price from that. For example, the teething elephant is $26. Depending on how you feel about the price range, I do think they would make a beautiful gift for a new baby.

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