Nuby Teether Tugz Toy Was $9 | Now Only $3 Each @ & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


Teething toys are an important part of raising any little one. The Nuby Teether Tugz toys are a cute way to soothe and comfort your child while they are teething. Walmart Canada has these Nuby teethers on sale for only $3 from their previous price of $8.46. Not only is the price much lower, but you will also get free shipping with no minimum spend from

The Nuby Teether Tugz toys come in three different characters. Your child can be sweetly amused by the elephant, bunny or bug. The listing is a little confusing. At first glance I assumed that you would get all 3 characters for only $3, but that does not seem to be the case. If you read on, you will see that the description states that "characters vary". This does not only mean you get one character, but it also means you don't get to choose which teething character you purchase for your little one. They are all equally as cute though.

Each Nuby Teether Tugz toy is colourful and comforting. They are made of a mix of different fabrics for your baby to explore. They are mostly soft for cuddling, but they also have a textured section on the tips of their wings/ears for teething purposes. These toys are also BPA free of course. While these teethers are recommended for infants up to 6 months, my son played with his well into his 12th month. To make sure you are getting the best deal from, I did a little price comparison. These toys sell as a set of 3 for $14.24 @ You can also find the Nuby Teether Tugz for $9.99 each @ or $12 each @

When I first purchased these Teether Tugz online, I was expecting a fairly small toy. You will be pleasantly surprised at the size, especially considering the $3 price tag. These toys are large enough that when my son would chuck them out of the stroller, I noticed. I also partially thank their bright colouring for that. My son grew to know his elephant Nuby Teether Tugz as "Nessie", which also became one of his first words. I will be hanging onto this toy as a keepsake.

These Nuby Teether Tugz are available for $3 online at only. The great part is that offers free shipping with no minimum purchase. That means even if you buy just one of these adorable characters, it will be shipped to your home fast and free.

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  • Anna W.
    That one disappeared fast!
  • Maegan M.
    I hate to be a pain in the ass but can you just mention in your posts for people who like me live in the boonies, that walmart does not ship to us for free. In fact the last time I tried to place an order they wanted to charge me 100.00 for shipping. Just saying.
    • missprairiegirl
      I live in rural Saskatchewan (far, far away from a city). I made an online Walmart order yesterday and there was no shipping on it. They had my Postal Code wrong and I had to change it....I would go back and start my order over if I were you, making sure your postal code was correct. Happy online shopping!
  • Anna W.
    Hi guys! Yes, we tend to post national deals, but it's relaly up to you to check out if you're going to be charged extra shipping or not. As missprairiegirl said above, you could get lucky!

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