Hape Stroller, Highchair & Cradle Were $50 Each | Now $30 Each & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo


Hape makes the best wooden toys and they always go so fast when they are on sale. I found a selecti0on of three amazing Hape doll wooden toys on sale from $49.95 each down to $29.50 each. You can choose from the Doll Wooden Stroller, Doll Wooden Cradle, and the Doll Wooden Highchair. All three qualify for free shipping as well - what a nice bonus!

The wooden stroller is perfect for pushing any dolly around the house or when you go out for walks. It mimics the way you used to push your child in a stroller so your child gets to practice 'being a parent'. The little doll wooden highchair mimics the high chair your own child sat in for many years while you tried to shovel peas into their mouth. Now your child can get their doll to sit up straight and eat their peas with this Hape Doll Wooden Highchair.

Lastly, the cradle is a wonderful place to put dolly to sleep after a long day of playing. If your child is anything like me, then they will use the cradle for multiple dolls and stuffed animals.

All three accessories are compatible with any mid-size doll that your child might already own. Teddy bears will work as well. They encourage imaginative play on the part of your child. They also get to practice caregiver skills as well.

As per usual, Hape toys are made with solid wood so they will last forever! They are finished with child safe paint so your child could lick, suck, and chew on the wooden toys without encountering toxic paint. The Hape toys require some minor assembly by an adult.

Hape toys are pretty well loved, and for good reason. They are well built, made of quality materials, and last a coon's age. They also look really nice and are a favourite among children.  They are often handed down in families from child to child and then passed on to other relatives. They really are one of the greatest wooden toy brands available right now.

The stroller and the high chair are the same price at amazon, but there is less than 3 left in stock! The cradle is sold out at Amazon itself, and then Marketplace sellers are marking it up to $100 already.

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