Entertainment Book: Now $19.99 + Free Shipping

18 February 2013

The Entertainment Book is on sale today for only $19.99 + free shipping.

The coupons in the book are still good will November 1, 2013. There are tons of coupons within each book, ranging from dry cleaning, food, groceries, hotels, movies, entertainment, and more. My husband and I pick one up every year and even if we only use a few coupons we easily make back the money we spend on the book and save more. These are also great books to have if you are planning a vacation in another city and want to cut down on expenses.

This is, in my opinion, the best promotion - especially for the more expensive books like Calgary and Edmonton. At $45 regular price, you are saving $25 when you get them for just $19.99 with the free shipping. Even better, Vancouver and Frasier Valley are regularly priced at $50. So you save $30 with this promotion.

(Expiry: 25th February 2013)

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