Dyson Canada: 40% Off Mini Tower Fan - Now $299.99

14 August 2014


Dyson Canada is offering 40% off the AM02 Mini Tower Fan. This unit regularly retails for $499.99. However, Dyson is selling it for just $299.99 right now.

Dyson fans are different from a regular fan. They feature Dyson's patented Air Multiplier technology that draws in air and multiplies it up to 16 times for a truly cooling experience. The fans are also completely blade-less: you can stick your arm right through one while it is running at full blast. I have done that so many times while visiting them in stores. This means children (like me when I was I kid) will not get their fingers hurt by shoving them between the bars to touch the blades. I just wanted to see if I could stop the blades with my bare hands!

The tower is 39.6" tall, 7.5" wide, and 4.3" deep. It is the mini tower fan, but it is still tall. When I was trying out the Dyson fans in my local store, I found the towers better than the desk fans because the air pressure was in a column instead of in a circle. It felt like the air pressure was stronger from the towers. That did not make me too happy because the towers were always more expensive.

The speed is completely variable on the Mini Tower Fan, and it is an oscillating unit. The fan comes with a magnetized remote control that will stick to the top of the unit when you do not need it. From the remote control, you can control speed and oscillation as well as turn the Dyson fan on and off.

Now, I have seen all sorts of arguments both for and against Dyson. Most arguments against Dyson come from people who do not own Dyson (funny that), and say they are too expensive for what you are getting. I personally do not own one of these fans so I do not know. However, I do own one of their vacuum cleaners. Despite it being a little small for the job (my fault, I got the mini vacuum), it is still one of the best vacuums I have ever owned. We have had it over four years now and it is still in fantastic condition. Therefore, from what I know of Dyson, they put out good products. I would love to try one of their fans.

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