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American Apparel is offering free shipping with no minimum purchase. The price you see (+tax) is what you get. A nice little discount for avid online shoppers.

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  • Coupon Code: THANKSCA
  • Expires: 30th, November 2010

You have two weeks to decide what you want to get and purchase it. On their last major promotion I acquired a multilayer reversible petticoat and may I say, I don't quite feel comfortable wearing it in public (so short!) but it is the softest thing that has ever touched my skin an I love bouncing around the house in it and just relaxing.

Btw, did you know that AA was born in Canada? Yup: it was the brain-child of Dov Chaney, a Montrealer. It was called American Apparel because the t-shirts were imported from the US.

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  • Anna
    You could wear the petticoat outside with leggings under it.

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