Amazon Canada: $2 Wayfarer Sunglasses & Free Shipping


In January, money is always tight for me so I start hunting down inexpensive alternatives to items I want or need. A marketplace seller called Cosy-Zone (and Nice eShop as well)  is selling Fashion Vintage Retro Wayfarer Style Sunglasses for just $1.99 a pair with free shipping.

You have so many colours to choose from. At this price, you might as well buy one of each and just interchange them when the mood strikes. You can purchase:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Neon Green
  • Yellowack

Even if you bought all seven colours, that is less than $14 before tax. Now, these are not your highest quality sunglasses. They are made of plastic and have metal hinges. The lenses reflect UV rays to keep your eyes safe from harm. This is especially important if you have light coloured eyes. I have green eyes that are quite sensitive to light so I always need to wear sunglasses outside.

Speaking of my sunglasses, the lenses are all scratched up. I always end up leaving them on a table where they are sideswiped to the floor and incur scratched galore. I try to remember to put them back in their case, but it inevitably does not happen. Once they are scratched, there is no going back. I certainly need a new set.


Now, while I usually do not promote really cheap items as I think that it is better to buy quality in the long run; these sunglasses have really good reviews. As one reviewer says:

How can they sell these for this price -- just terrific. Identical to the photo. Will be a perfect pair to use on the beach -- where I tend to loose so many. Sure they probably are plastic and might not last long -- but for that extra pair to leave here and there in case you forget your main glasses, this is ideal.


Decent pair of Sunglasses, Cannot beat the price, shipped perfectly with another similar pair. Very pleased, Would buy more colours

Seriously, for $2 with free shipping you cannot go wrong on this purchase. One reviewer ordered a bunch of pairs for her destination wedding in Mexico. They are going to be welcome presents for her guests. I think that is a fantastic idea!

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  • terrie
    Not sure what you are looking at, but they ship from Hong Kong and there is no free shipping - plus you will prob. end up paying customs
    • Avigayil M.
      They do ship from Hong Kong and it says right on the web page that it has free shipping. I have gone all the way to checkout and received free shipping on my total. Also, as the product is under $20 Canadian there will be no custom charges. Only items over $20 are liable for customs entering into Canada.
  • Terrie
    will have to go try again as it added shipping when I tried yesterday
  • Terrie
    ordered them again and no shipping added this time...thanks

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