Toys R Us Canada: Safety 1st Recline & Grow Booster Seat Was $60 | Now $30 PLUS $10 off $50 & Free Shipping


I found a fantastic deal for all the parents out there! Get the Safety 1st Recline and Grow booster seat in a variety of patterns at Toys R Us, with a regular price of $59.99, now only $29.97. Even better, if you need two, or need something else from Toys R Us, you can use the $10 off $50 coupon that Anna recently blogged on top. Use coupon code CINEPLEXFEB to get the extra $10 off. With that discount, you can get two of these chairs for $49.94, which is actually less than the original price of one!

While I'm completely done with the baby stage in my home, I know quite a few friends who are having new babies. I have a good friend actually having her fifth baby *cue loud gasp*, but had given away all of her baby items when her youngest was out of them, so she needs to start all over. This deal will be sweet for her, as spending a lot of money on baby stuff that she knows won't be used by more kids is not the most fun.

I had an actual high chair for my kids, which was great, but my mom had a booster seat like these that she could put on and take off very easily when the kids came over. What's also great about these chairs is that you can use them after the kid doesn't need to be strapped in or use the accompanying tray. My kids will often actually stand on the chair or bench because they really can't reach while sitting just on the chair. I wish I would have thought of that when they were little.

It does say save $10 on shipping, but when I added two of these to my cart, it discounted the entire cost of the shipping, which was $17.


There are four pattern styles available for this chair:

It looks like there are two that are more of a girly style and two more of a masculine style or even unisex. Either way, it won't matter once its covered in pureed carrots.

I checked a number of other stores for these chairs and no other one comes even close to this price. sells it for $69.96, Sears sells it for $46.74, and Giant Tiger sells it for $50.

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    The promo code CineplexFeb no longer works. Maybe it expired June 1st. Good deal on the booster though, even without the coupon. Thanks for posting.
  • shopperology
    Sorry, my error, the promo CineplexFeb does work, but you can't buy something from the Toys R Us side and the Babies R Us side to amount to $50. It has to only be from one or the other for the code to work.

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