Today’s Parent Magazine Subscription: 1 Year For $17.95


If you are interested in subscribing to Today’s Parent magazine, you can get a pretty good deal online at

The deal will save you 66% off the newsstand price, as it is only $17.95 for 12 issues. That works out at $1.50 per issue.

I don’t actually read this magazine yet... being a new parent, it’s probably one that I should check out!

They will also give you a really cute free onesie which says “handle with care.”

Remember, if you are in BC or ON, you can beat the tax increase if you order before the 1st of July 2010.


  • joy
    I get this via my rogers cable account for $1 a month. I find that in each issue there is generally something useful from the magazine. Even if it is just to know that you aren't the only one who has baby who is up every hour! They also just had a promo where you could use a picture of your child on the cover and they will actually send you the cover. Nice little keepsake.
  • jody
    This is a fantastic magazine for parents, my husband loves reading it too!
  • Momma22
    Hi Anna, I have had a subscription to Today's Parent for almost 4 years now. I really like the magazine. It's filled with tons of info for anybody with children. You should subscribe!

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