Free Udder Covers Coupon Code

Free Udder Covers Coupon Code

Here’s one for new and expecting mothers. Get a free Udder Cover with this coupon code.

You will still have to pay shipping and handling which is about $11, but the original price of these Udder Covers is $32 US, so you are still saving quite a bit if you need one.

  • Coupon Code: choice2
  • Discount: Price of Udder Cover

These are very useful for nursing mothers who wants a little privacy while feeding. It works like a blanket but without the possibility of slipping off while feeding.

Thanks Bargainmooser Jaime for the heads up on this one.


  • Anna
    When we last posted about these guys, there were worries about a scam, as people had seen comments on google. As far as I am aware they are a legit company... and Bargainmoosers received their products the last time round :) As always, I just recommend you use your credit card or even paypal.
  • joy
    I got one the last time and everything was legit. No extra charges.
  • thewholeshebang
    I just ordered one! What a great gift for a baby shower coming up! Thanks.
  • Natasha
    I've ordered from this company several times and have always received my covers with no surprises. The gift set is a good deal for an extra $5. The milkband is surprisingly VERY handy for those early weeks of nursing and I've recommended it to all my nursing friends. The pads aren't the best in the world, but they are okay for at home, and you can save using these when you can, instead of disposables.
  • Amanda
    I ordered from them when you posted about them before Christmas, and I still haven't received my order. It's for a friend who's due any day now, and while they've been relatively helpful, but it took me two weeks to get any sort of acknowledgement for my order. My order went through PayPal, and once the transaction was finished, I wasn't forwarded back to their site. They send things USPS Ground, so, deliveries to Canada take a while, and they can't provide tracking numbers. I'm just hoping it arrives before my friend has her baby!
  • BCMomtoBe
    Hey, quick question to those who ordered in Canada, did you have to end up paying any extra/surprise customs/taxes/duties charged by the Canadian govt since these are coming from the US? Any feedback appreciated! Thanx!!

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