Bumbo Deal @ Toys R Us


Right now at Toys R Us Canada, if you buy a Bumbo baby seat, you get a free play tray too!

The Bumbo itself costs $64.99, and the play tray is worth $17.99.

Remember, if you're shopping online at Toys R Us Canada, you might want to top your order up to $100 or more, as you get up to $25 worth of free shipping.

I've been using a Bumbo seat with my baby for a few months now. I had heard great things about them, so I just had to have one. When I first saw on though, I thought it was a potty!

At first, I tried baby in it when she was about 3 months, but she wasn't really strong enough or comfortable enough for it, as she was quite petite. I only let her try it for a few minutes a day.

Now she is nearly 6 months, and I have been trying to wean her for the last month or so. When weaning, I am using the Bumbo for her to sit in, and spoon feed her at the same time. It's incredibly useful for this process, as I have her sitting exactly where I want her!

I also got the play tray, but I haven't had much use for it yet. When she is able to take finger foods, it will be very useful as I will just set them on the tray in front of her.

I definitely recommend the Bumbo baby seat!


  • Kimmy
    I bought my Bumbo with tray from Kijiji for $40 since they're so easy to clean and MUCH cheaper than Babies R Us. I bought one for a friend too since it's one item that no one seems to mind second hand.
    • Anna
      Yeah, definitely going to be cheaper second hand. I've been a bit funny about my baby though - as she's my first, I kind of wanted to buy everything new. But my bumbo is going to have a good resale value :)
  • Kris
    I don't like the Bumbo. I think kids will sit up when they are strong enough to do so safely. Besides, they are crazy expensive. Sorry to hear you have to wean already. Six months is so young.
    • Anna
      Errrrr. 6 months is pretty average to start weaning? I'm not sorry!
      • Kris
        I guess it depends on whether you mean starting solids or quitting nursing. The worldwide average to nurse is 4 years ( yes 4 YEARS) . The WHO recommends 2 years. Don't be in too much of a hurry. No one ever regrets BF longer. There are tons of benefits. At any rate, 6 months is a fantastic start to life.
        • Anna
          Yeah, I just meant starting solids :) I wasn't able to breast feed sadly :) Wish I could have but complications with baby's mouth and my bits meant it wasn't working! Shame.
  • Leanne
    Bumbo with tray is awesome! We shoved our highchair into the basement cuz we don't need it; baby eats in the bumbo all the time and loves it :)

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