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20 June 2016
Razer Fitness Tracker W/Notifications $60

June 20, 2016 - Bump!! Here is a fantastic update: The Razer Nabu is now selling for only $60, down from $130. I purchased one for my husband last month. It works extremely well for receiving texts. My husband is using an iPhone and there has been no trouble at all with the connection, it has not dropped out once. Perfect! I will mention that the battery life for him is not as long as 6 days, he can go perhaps 2-3 days at most before the Nabu needs a charge. It is easy to charge though and charges quickly, so that is really a non-issue. For only $60 this is an incredible deal.


How many times have you missed an important text? I used to miss texts all the time that would have saved me time, energy and effort if I had only received them when they were first sent. "Honey, can you pick up some milk on your way home?" Seeing that text when I'm already home just means another trip to the grocery store.

Unfortunately, some of the texts were more urgent than that and I regret missing them. Many of my friends and family solely use social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to send me messages and I have missed some important ones from them. I know you can all relate to this. Usually we miss texts from from having our phones in our purses or not hearing the alerts, etc.

Last year my Dad gifted me with my first wrist device that provided me with wrist notifications and I have never gone without it since. If you're solely using your phone as a communicative tool, you are really missing out on great technology such as wrist band notifications.

It is so convenient to finally not have to keep pulling your phone out of your purse or pocket to see whether or not a text message is important. Any busy mother needs this to keep up with the family messages that are typical of practice times, places and times to pick up your kids, etc. Most kids today are texting their parents, not phoning. This Razer Nabu is perfect and will make you confident that you're not missing any more important messages.

You can review the information on your Nabu with the utmost discretion, as it has a privacy screen (unlike most smartwatches), as well as a gentle vibe alert.

Besides all of these great features, the Razer Nabu is a great Fitness tracker and sleep monitor, helping you to set and achieve your fitness goals and encouraging you to aim for better sleeping habits as well. Sleep tracking is automatic while wearing the band, which is a fantastic feature. The Razer Nabu uses a 3-axis accelerometer which is comparable to the best activity trackers available.

You can even control your music using your smartband and use it as a phone camera remote.

Yet another great feature is the very LONG 6 day battery life, and it is water resistant, too, for those jogs in the rain.

The Razer Nabu is Compatible with iPhones using iOS8 (or higher) and Android devices running 4.3 (or higher)

Shipping is free!

(Deal expiry: June 23, 2016)

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