X Marks The Spot Contest! Win a $100 Amazon.ca Gift Voucher! (Expired)

*** Contest now expired, won by Mooser Mandi! ***

Let's start off this spot contest with another joke emailed in by a lovely Mooser, Andrea,

What is a Pirate's favourite letter in the alphabet?

Answer: R (Arrrr)


Today, I think we'll give away a $100 Amazon.ca gift voucher to one of the lucky Moosers. Want it?

How to enter:

If you won this $100 Amazon gift certificate, what would you treat yourself to? Leave a comment below!


Ends 2100hrs ET, 24th August 2013, Canadian entrants only, one entry per household.


Part 2 of our birthday treasure hunt is still active, get your entries in!


  • Robin
    I love amazon! I would out it towards some new workout videos and books for when the cold weather sets in!
  • Mandy
    I love Amazon's selection of items, which makes this a hard question. I would probably get for the kitchen - I love baking and cooking and there's always something new to get :)
  • linda
    Happy 5 bargainmoose,and many more.
  • Daisy
    I have has an amazing experience wth amazon when I had to send a birthday gift to my husband in Canada where as I was residing in India then. It was quick and effective. Now that I am in Canada I would want to pick up many things from amazon from home to books.
  • Mandi
    I like that I can shop and compare all the vendors in one place. With the iPhone app I can even switch to the USA site now that I've found out how to ship to a local ferry and simply pick up my packages for a fraction of the cost of shipping into Canada. Now I can get my cosmetics for a fraction of the price. In the Canadian store I was fortunate enough to find LED light strips for a fraction of the cost and even though there were no reviews on that specific product, the company review was available to help me make an informed decision. Yay Amazon!
  • Felicia
    I would definitely use it for books on my list or some yoga DVDs and a mat. Happy Birthday :) Thank you for all the hard work and these fun contests!!
  • Silvia
    If I'd won it would be my first time ordering from Amazon! I would definitely get something that the kids need for school. I'll hear all about it on the first week in September. Mom, I need this... Mom I need that...
  • Jocelyn
    This is a hard question. I think it would buy a Kindle, since I don't have an e-reader. Happy Birthday!!
  • paul
    I have so many kindle books in my wish list, I'd load up and read my autumn away
  • Betty
    I would stock up on chick flicks for the winter when my hubby & boys are away camping with the Scouts!
  • Deborah
    I would love to treat my great niece to some jewelry for her birthday. I like to give a present that the kids will be able to look at in future years and remember when they got them.
  • moe146
    I would go crazy buying my four little grandkids books.
  • Gillian
    I would buy something for my husband who usually sacrifices every penny he has just to get something for our kids...
  • Caitlin F.
    Ooo! So many things! I'm thinking it would be time to stock up on a few new books for my Kindle, the last season of Gossip Girls on DVD and some new Sharpies in 80's Glam colours!
  • Karen
    Oooh, good question! I would stock up on some Fall books, Dolce Gusto capsules, and perhaps a workout DVD or two!
  • CeeCee
    Some accessories for my cellphone and some new books to read!
  • julie
    I would treat myself to an external hard drive
  • Stephanie C.
    Well. I've been wanting the DKNY BE Delicious perfume for awhile now..... Yum! And my twin boys bday is also coming so I'd likely pick up a couple Lego Creator kits for them.
  • Gillieray
    I would put it towards a snow blower for my Dad. He is 62 years old and always has to shovel when it snows and living in Winnipeg, we get LOTS of snow! I would love for my Dad to not have to put such a strain on himself so the money would definitely go towards a snowblower to make it easier on him!
  • Pat M.
    Books, books and more books! Especially the new weight watchers' one!
  • Krimit
    I would treat myself to anything to do with baking! May throw in something for the kids too!
  • nina
    Tough question since Amazon has such a variety of things! Definitely some books for my kids, maybe a cookbook or two for me and some baking gadgets.
  • Megan
    I would put it towards buying a juicer! Happy birthday bargainmoose :)
  • Belinda M.
    So many amazing choices on amazon but I would have to get myself a few new frying pans and I really need a bread box
  • pachalt515
    So much to choose from on Amazon but I would get myself some school supplies and text books for university. Happy Birthday!
  • Laura
    I've had my eye on a photo printer for a while ... I keep looking on Amazon's site at one in particular, but just haven't taken the plunge yet. :)
  • Carolyn
    Our family has birthdays all in a row coming up so I would spend it on gifts for them. Happy birthday Bargainmoose!
  • Amanda R.
    I love Amazon! Great prices and great selection! I would treat myself to a slow cooker. I have never had one before, but I think it would be very useful in my busy household.
  • skeetersden
    I love Amazon, I would put it towards getting a sewing machine
  • Bonnie
    I'm a kindergarten teacher so I would definitely add some books to my library. And maybe treat myself to a new kitchen gadget.
  • Anon
    I'd probably buy some items for the garden, should be getting cheaper now that the season is almost done.
  • Debbie W.
    I would treat myself to a lot of good books!
  • AmandaS
    An Amazon gift card would be awesome! I would probably try to complete my collection of books by my favourite author. Reading is definitely my first love, and Amazon's book prices are always really good.
  • Ann
    I've been eyeing a Mohu Leaf TV antennae (or something similar) so I might be able to start watching a bit of TV. But would also love a speciality diet cook book. :)
  • Martin J.
    I would put the money towards a Kindle Fire!
  • Chantel I.
    I'd use it to get some DVDs I want like the first season of Orphan Black and Louis C.K.
  • CalgaryCaper
    I would treat myself to some new books. :)
  • Erica
    I would use it to stock up on books for my kindle! And probably some new books for the kids
  • Erica
    I would use it to stock up on books for my kindle! And probably some new books for the kids. And toys
  • Lenny Z.
    I'd get an Aden and Anais blanket so I can snuggle with my little guy. Oh and some books for us too!:)
  • David M.
    I woud buy some awesome movie series to watch!
  • Leah
    I would try to find something my mom would love (and buy it for her. Cuz that would just be wrong to then by it for myself).
  • Nana
    I would buy something that I normally wouldn`t spend for myself. I have been eyeing the Cricut Artiste Cartridge from`Close to My Heart`` It is too expensive for me to buy, so it would be nice to win $100 from Amazon to purchase it. I would then make a lot of DIY projects for my friends & family
  • Samantha
    if i won, i think i'd like to get a dslr camera. i've been saving up for a while but i think it'd be absolutely awesome to snap a picture of a person at just the right moment and to see the smile on their face when i show them what an awesome picture i took! i would love to get into photography and talk a walk sometime and enjoy nature and take some pictures of our beautiful country!
  • Samantha
    i'd like a camera to give me a hobby so i could enjoy life a little more. it'd be nice to get outside and take pictures of nature :)
  • Samantha
    id like to buy a camera to give me a reason to get out of the house and take pictures of nature :)
  • Ty
    I would definitely use it for my university books this year and/or Christmas gifts (never hurts to start early)!
  • pam r.
    I would buy myself a bunch of new books!
  • Samantha
    oops just realized i've posted 3 comments over & over! hope i wont be disqualified! sorry about that!
  • katama381
    I need new pots and pans so the $100 would go towards the purchase of a new set of cookware--maybe the Kitchenaid 11-piece set
  • Katy
    I have a giant saved list of music and books that this would certainly make a dent in. I could definitely use some new background music while thesis writing, hope I win!
  • Annie
    I would buy some baby items and a baby journal...expecting #2 in October.
  • Brennan
    I'd get some baby stuff or put it towards a media player so we can watch fun shows!
  • Lucy
    I'd get myself a nice coffee machine, would save me a bundle from not having to buy coffee everyday.
  • Gagan
    I would probably get a wrist watch for work :) Thanks and good luck to all !!
  • spamgirl
    A really beautiful new purse!
  • Melissa
    I would treat myself to some office organization supplies.
  • Tannis
    Unfortunately I would not spend it on something just for myself. Having moved across the country we are in the midst of restocking so a new toaster, crockpot, blender, you name it we have to buy it next week. Also a special birthday coming up of a little girl turning 4 so it could also be used toward a nice present.
  • Jeri
    A gift card to Amazon would be a little bit of heaven. I would start my Christmas shopping early for my four grandchildren. Certainly would have a tough time deciding on books or winter clothing but sure I would make a wise choice.
  • Molly
    I would start buying Christmas gifts! 5 kids adds up quickly!
  • Linda L.
    My nieces love to read, so I'd use it to buy them some books.
  • ginette4
    I would purchase an ice cream maker, been craving homemade ice cream
  • Christina M.
    I would treat myself to some books that are on my amazon.ca wishlist!
  • Johanna
    EST Again? How about some PST? New kitchen scale to start - mine just broke :(
  • Linh T.
    Books, book and more books!
  • bonnielloyd52
    I really would covet an women's invicta pro divers watch
  • Brandy
    I would buy a couple of board games, like Settlers of Catan, a puzzle, and some nice blank greeting cards. Maybe some fun magnets as well.
  • windowgal
    I would stock my daughters bookshelf with all of my favorite, hard-to-find picture books!
  • Erynn
    I would love to buy a Tassimo!
  • Michelle
    I would love to buy an ereader for my sister
  • hopscotch65
    I think I would put it towards a T-Fal Actifry, I've always wanted one of those!
  • rabi7
    I noticed the cute plushie from Despicable Me II the second I land on Amazon.ca front page. I would love to get them for my nephew for him to huggle with. We have already collected the whole set of the McDonald's Despicable Me II figures. These plushie will be a lovely addition to the figures collection. In fact, I may just get them regardlessly!
  • janicour
    I would treat myself to a spa day.
  • Ann
    I would love a Kindle e-reader.
  • Amy
    I would buy some baby items we need (diaper inserts, etc.)
  • Diane
    That's a hard one because I can't remember the last time I bought something for myself. My anniversary is coming up so I would get something nice for the hubby and can't forget the kiddies :)
  • Colin
    I'd stock up on diapers. Pampers are on sale now, too. Great timing. :-)
  • Crafty501
    Amazon now carries a great line of Craft Supplies. I would put the money towards Scrapbooking supplies or bead supplies. Of course they also now have sewing machines. The choices are endless (lol) Definitely something to do with crafts
  • guna1
    I would buy a kitchen appliance, love them! Maybe a tortilla maker?
  • Andrea W.
    My boys are saving for a PS4 so I would probably contribute to their cause! :)
  • Scott
    Music, music and more music.

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