Well.ca: Zoli Breathe Nasal Aspirator Was $56 | Now As Low As $35 & Free Shipping

Well.ca: Zoli Breathe Nasal Aspirator Was $56 | Now As Low As $35 & Free Shipping

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Sniffle time is unfortunately here! If you've got a new baby, you don't want to fool around with sniffles. When they are infants they have a really hard time breathing through their mouths so when they are stuffed up it is a nightmare. Don't mess around with those cheap bulb aspirators that are insanely difficult to use and only serve to piss baby off even more - get an electronic one - I wish I had! The Zoli Breathe nasal aspirator is on sale at Well.ca right now, regularly $55.99, on sale for $45. If you are a new customer or can create a new account, use the coupon code SAVE10MOOSE for another $10 off your $40 purchase, bringing this item down to just $35. It will also get free shipping, being over the $29 minimum threshold.

Any mom or dad who has stayed awake an entire night because their baby's stuffed up nose caused them to wake up the second you laid them down, knows what true hell feels like. I remember my baby smacking me for the first time when I tried to insert the bulb aspirator into his nose and he was probably only a few months old. They absolutely hate you sucking out that snot (although they love it after). The problem with the bulb ones is that sometimes it just doesn't suck and you have to pull it out and put it back in repeatedly and the baby goes wild while you are doing this. You sometimes need one parent to hold down baby's arms and legs just so you can aspirate their nose, although you still have no control over their savage head shaking.

Get in and get out with an electronic one that keeps sucking so you don't have to pull it out repeatedly. I love that it all gets stored up in the machine and you can clean it out once you are done, compared to the bulb ones that you have to squeeze out after each use. This has has very good reviews with a total of 4.5 stars out of five:

This is an awesome and easy to use product.

As a mom, that's all you need to hear.

This is a fantastic price, especially with the coupon added as it is $55.99 at Shop.ca, Lusso Baby and Snugglebugz.

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