Well.ca: Up To $13 Off Pampers Diapers

Well.ca: Up To $13 Off Pampers Diapers


I've heard that Pampers has a new design coming for their diapers (or maybe just their boxes), so they are trying to sell out of their old style. I know there are sales at different stores, but Well.ca has a good one. They are selling Pampers diapers at up to $13 off a box.

If you have a baby, I'm going to say you most likely need diapers. I have three boys and Pampers is what I've always used. I've tried other brands, but I found them hands-down the best for my boys. I have heard girls do better in Huggies, but I couldn't test that out for you!

Just like brands, different kids do well in different types of one brand of diapers. For example, my oldest was a heavy-wetter. He needed a premium diaper and I found Cruisers to be the best for him so they didn't leak. My middle son was a very light-wetter, so I could go down in cost and get him the Baby Dry.

All of my boys started off in Swaddlers, which I see now goes up to size 5, but my youngest is only in Easy Ups now.

Shipping is free when you spend $25 or more and this is a great sale to get stocked up.

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