Well.ca: Get 25% Off Bach Remedies

Well.ca: Get 25% Off Bach Remedies


Well.ca has 25% off Bach flower remedies, which are remedies to cure or relieve you of the stress of 38 basic negative states of mind.

I've used a few of the Bach flower remedies with great success. I actually had a hard time finding it when I started using it, so its great to see that Well.ca carries the entire line and they make it is so easy to get. Basically, each remedy will help you with some sort of stress you may be having. My husband used the Rescue Remedy spray (which is the most well-known of the remedies) when he quit smoking and found it helped. I used the Rescue Remedy drops during my labour to calm my anxiety about the pain. You can give all of these to kids and pets too. It was suggested to me years ago to give it to my foster dogs, who were quite anxious after coming to my home.

The Rescue Sleep is great if you can't get to sleep; I would take it with me on road trips to help get to sleep. This could also work on your fussy toddler or child who just won't go to sleep.

On top of these general remedies, there are also individual flower remedies, which are good for specific ailments and turning negative emotions to positive. So, if you are down or have a nagging emotion that you'd like to change, check out these flower remedy products. I'm definitely going to get a few for the winter when I feel the most down about different aspects of life.

Shipping is free when you spend over $25.

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