Up To 40% Off Umbrella Strollers + $50 Savings Card @ Babies R Us

Up To 40% Off Umbrella Strollers + $50 Savings Card @ Babies R Us

Spring is finally here and it seems that everyone is at the park today, outside washing winter off their cars and going on walks! Babies R Us has up to 40% off Umbrella Strollers and it couldn't have come at a better time!

With 2 girls almost 5 years apart, I've had a lot of strollers. We went the full Travel System route with my first, as most people do and quickly realized the bigger frame isn't always the easiest to maneuver and store.

With my second, we tried a few options and ended up with an umbrella stroller by the time she was a toddler and it was by far the easiest. I have to say, they've come leaps and bounds from the umbrella strollers I remember as a kid!

Here are my top picks for supports, weight and over all style:

Any of these would be a fantastic option for your little ones, once they are able to really sit up on their own. I especially like that some are now offering carrying straps with them! I made my own when I had one!

While the most expensive, theReVu Single Umbrella Strollerdoes have some extra options that I really do love. You can reverse the reclining seat to forward or back facing, there is an extra large canopy for sun protection and the bottom basket has a zippered closure. I was always nervous about leaving anything in the stroller basket when out but the zipper closure feels much more secure!

Added bonus, right now Babies R Us is offering a $50 savings card with baby purchases of $150 or more. The cards can be used on your next purchase of $100 or more between April 10th and 20th, 2017. So if you're looking at a new stroller for spring, you could always top up your order by adding say, Diapers to your cart and you'll have more to save next week for outdoor toys too!


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