Unhaggle.com Promo Code Exclusive For 15% Off

Unhaggle.com is a car shopping service, and they've offered the Bargainmoosers an exclusive 15% discount on their premium services.

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  • Promo Code: BargainMoose
  • Discount: 15% off premium services
  • Expires: 2nd April 2013

Unhaggle have been in operation for over a year, and they are a registered member of OMVIC which is a motor vehicle industry council that ensures they adhere to strict industry standards. Here's a quick description from them about the service:

In the Unhaggle marketplace, car buyers can stay anonymous, get great market prices on local inventory and skip the hassles of negotiating by getting dealers to compete online to offer the best deals.

Unhaggle is sort of like a Priceline for new cars!

I will point out that you don't have to actually pay for the premium service. You can get a basic report for free - the free invoice price service.

Unhaggle is the first in Canada to offer access to FREE invoice price reports on new cars across all major manufacturer brands. Invoice price reports tell you the wholesale price of the vehicle (also known as the dealer's cost) and show you how much profit the dealer is making. Invoice price reports are a great research tool to see how much negotiating room there is on a vehicle.

But if you decide you want to pay extra and use the exclusive coupon code for 15% discount, there are a couple of perks:

This service costs $47 per car - but you can get it for $39.95 with our discount.

If you're buying a new car, definitely keep Unhaggle on your radar! We're adding the coupon code to our coupon section so you will always be able to access it from now on - it's here on the Unhaggle promo codes page.

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