True Cuddles Canada: Clearance Sale Up To 75% Off

True Cuddles Canada: Clearance Sale Up To 75% Off

Save up to 75% off the retail prices of past items for children and babies that were featured on True Cuddles Canada.

You'll find clothing, toys, gear and more on sale. Many items are sold out and some have only 1 item in stock so shop quickly!

From the clothing section, I hope to grab a pair of mimiTens for my daughter in Fairies Pink for $18.88 (reg. $33.50) and a set of the Girl Gotch Boxers in Pink/Blue/Purple which are on sale 5 for $8.99 (reg. $15.99).

I also love this super cute Jammie Sack from the Gear section. The Pink Bunny is on sale for $6.75 (reg. $13.50). What do you do with a Jammie Sack?

Unzip my mouth to stow away your pyjamas, or a secret treasure. Jammie sacks are silly bags with big zipper smiles. Sits on a bed like a pillow or hangs on a door knob (pyjamas not included).

We used to just stuff our pjs under our pillows in the morning. This is so much cuter and can be used for other things as well.

Shipping charges vary per province from $5.99 - $8.99 - get a friend to order something and split the bill! All orders will be shipping 9th or 10th of January, 2012.


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