Toon Boom Animation Canada: Upgrade Studio 8 Bundle - $99 (Save $80)

Toon Boom Animation Canada: Upgrade Studio 8 Bundle - $99 (Save $80)


Toon Boom Animation has a couple of promotions on for all our artistic Moosers out there. First, get the Toon Boom Studio 8 Upgrade bundle which includes the upgrade and the Infinite Skills - Learning Toon Boom program for only $99. You save $80. If you have already bought the upgrade, you can get just the Infinite Skills - Learning Toon Boom Studio 8 for $50, which is 50% off of its regular price.

I bet you are wondering what a chick like me knows about an animation program like this. I don't know a whole not about the program itself, but I have heard plenty about it through word of mouth. One of my friends is an animator, and I'm not just talking about your run of the mill computer animator, either. This guy did classic animation for companies like Warner Bros. Did I just catch your attention? Thought I did. He has also animated for cartoons I used to watch, like Arthur. He has seriously wicked drawing talent and I adore him (he drew the above picture for me), and he uses Toon Boom now. He has been working on a lot of animated shorts lately and has really enjoyed working with Toon Boom. I think that is a pretty good kudos to it.

If you have never used Toon Boom but are into animation, why don't you check it out? They offerfree trials right here. They have animation software, story-boarding software, and a lot more. They are a Canadian company out of Montreal and this is the first time we have mentioned them on the Bargainmoose. Check them out!

Most their software is download-able - no shipping costs involved.

(Expiry: 16th October 2013)

(Image Credit: Ron Lamarre)


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