The Source Canada: Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Save $300.00 (orig. $699.99 now $399.96)

The Source Canada: Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Save $300.00 (orig. $699.99 now $399.96)

This is a great deal if you are looking for a new phone or a  Christmas present for someone that like gadgets. The Source has an Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB refurbished (store display model) in black on sale right now for $399.96 which is $300.03 off the regular price of $699.99.  That is a 57% savings!

As you know iPhones have great features, including a camera. So many people I know have forsaken their 'real' cameras and now just use their iPhone for taking photos. They say the quality is good and more speak of the convenience - it is all in one!

Speaking of all in one, with the 3Gs' updated 3D graphics it is great for gamers and since it's 2x faster than the iPhone 3G - and of course it blows competing smart phones out of the water.

This is an online deal and they are in stock right now.  They also offer FREE 3-5 day in store pick up or standard shipping right to your door in 3-4 business days for $4.99. Pretty cheap! If you are looking to get your hands on an iPhone and can't afford 'new' this is a great alternative at less than 1/2 the price.


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