THE Best Bridesmaid Gift + Buy1Get1 Free + 30% Off Bridal @ Icing

THE Best Bridesmaid Gift + Buy1Get1 Free + 30% Off Bridal @ Icing

Attention Brides-to-Be, I have found The Best Bridesmaid Gift Ever.

As a Wedding Planner let me tell you, this really is a great kit. I've seen more than my share of broken zippers, pulled nylons and wine stained dresses. This kit has everything your girls will need, to make sure they are aisle ready, for your big day!

Set includes:

  • dental floss
  • nail file
  • hair pins
  • double sided tape
  • clear nail polish
  • sewing kit
  • safety pins
  • hair elastics
  • nail polish remover pad
  • stain remover pad
  • deodorant toilette

The kit is $25 but with the BOGO sale AND the 30% off, they work out to $8.75 per pair!

At that price, I would suggest adding a few extras like, a mini pack of Tylenol/Advil, Tums, a package of Gum or Mints, tissues, bandaids, a granola bar and lip gloss. Trust me, if the only thing they remember at the end of the night, is to bring this bag home, they will love you forever!

There are 2 deals at Icing right now to make this even better:

1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free
2. Extra 10% off!

If you have an odd number of bridesmaids to buy for, go ahead and pick one up for yourself with this sale! I'm seriously buying one for my purse and I've been married almost 11 years.

The sale can be applied to any Bridal purchase, so check out the other accessories here. These Bridesmaid Hair Ties would be cute to add to their kits too. There are 6 saying Bridesmaid and 1 Bride for you to share at $11 for the set. The Bride Squad Wristbandsare fantastic at $12.50 for the same set of 6 Bridesmaids and 1 Bride!

Enter code "30OFFBRIDAL" to include the additional 30% off at checkout!


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  • cmattar

    Ive tried using the 30OFFBRIDAL code however it doesn't allow you to combine it with the BOGO + 10% off.

    • cmattar

      They have a new coupon code you can use with it which is LOVESTORY10